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Who We Are

In the wild, solutions are simple, efficient and often innovative and uncompromising. This philosophy is the inspiration behind wildPLAN.

wildPLAN takes a first principles approach to planning and development. We challenge the fundamental concepts and assumptions that underpin social and built contexts, leading to evolutionary, and sometimes revolutionary outcomes for our clients, the community and the environment.

wildPLAN is a Queensland-based planning and development consultancy that is fresh, intuitive and creative. At wildPLAN we are outcome oriented, with a focus on the needs of our clients. We also aim to set a new standard for social and environmental corporate responsibility (more on this to come).

Founded in Cairns, wildPLAN provides consultancy services across Queensland, the Northern Territory and Papua New Guinea.

At wildPLAN we’re passionate about what we do and encourage you to experience the wildPLAN difference first-hand.

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The Story Behind Our Logo

The “wild” in wildPLAN is to reflect on the importance of “wildness” as a marker of our “first-principles” approach to planning and to create a brand that centres on fresh, intuitive thinking, which despite being a little “wild”, serves to set us apart from other planning practitioners.

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